My name is Jake Fisher. I built an ITA race car out of my daily driver/autocrossing Toyota MR2 over the Winter of 2001/2002. This site is my place to tell about me and my MR2’s progression into SCCA Club Racing.


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Super Cars that compete with a Lamborgoni

Super Cars that compete with a Lamborgoni

Until 2001 Mr. 2 seved as a daily driver and ran autocross and the occational track event. In 2001 I placed 1st in C-Stock for the year at the Fairfield Sports Car Club (FCSCC), and placed in two Lime Rock Time Trials with the Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team (CART). The World Of Exotic Car Rentals

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I’ve bought a 240SX, check it out on the new


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2007 Season:
May 19.……..LRP (SCCA)
June 16………LRP (SCCA)
June 23-24….Summit Point (NASA Hyperfest)
Aug 3-4………LRP (NASA)
Aug 11……….LRP (SCCA)
Sep 29……….LRP (SCCA)

Oct 27……….LRP (EMRA)

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